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August 2011

New Study: Video Games Reduce Crime

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The Bat

Studies have shown that the Batman also reduces crime. What about Batman video games? Double whammy, right?

According to this article on, researchers have found that video games reduce crime by, if I understand it correctly, keeping potential criminals occupied with an acceptable substitute for the criminal acts that they might otherwise commit. It goes a bit deeper than that in the article, but the study also implies that if violent video games were banned by the government, the crime rates would actually go up as these potential criminals wouldn’t be getting their “violence fix” and would go looking for it elsewhere. Another feather in the cap of video games?

Local Studio Cedar Hill Games Releases Emissary of War

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Emissary of War TitleVictoria game developers Cedar Hill Games have just launched a new hack and slash dungeon crawling adventure called Emissary of War. Currently available for iOS platforms through the AppStore, and with an Android version in the offing sometime in the future, Emissary of War is the second game to come out of this young studio. To find out more about how Cedar Hill Games came to be, check out this two-part series written by founder Tobyn Manthorpe on Gamasutra: part one, part two.

It’s great to see new game companies making a start in Victoria and I hope that everyone in the community will join with me in welcoming Cedar Hill Games and supporting them in their latest project and for all projects to come. Congratulations Cedar Hill!

Hello Victoria!

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Welcome to the new official home page for the Victoria Chapter of the IGDA. That’s Victoria, British Columbia, Canada for those who may be wondering. All news and updates will be posted here and also to our new Twitter account (@IGDAVictoria) and existing Facebook page. Feel free to subscribe to our email list via the right menu to get updates too. There are so many ways to stay informed, it’s downright silly.