The Main Event – Battlesnake Sneak Peek

By February 11, 2017 No Comments

Thanks so much to Noah Warder, People Operations Manager at Sendwithus, for coming out to tell us all about Battlesnake and how it grew from a tiny hackathon at UVic to the 350 participant behemoth it was last year. Noah was kind enough to share his slides so those of you who couldn’t make it to his talk because of Snowpocalypse ’17 can still read about Battlesnake.

Be sure to check out the docs if you’re interested in coming to Battlesnake this year, there’s a lot of great info there including code for starter snakes in a wide variety of languages and even the code for last year’s winning snake, Traitor Snake!

Thanks again to Noah for coming out to talk to us, and we hope to see you all at Battlesnake 2017!