The Main Event – Shaders in Unity

By April 2, 2017 No Comments

For the March Main Event Dylan Gedig of Red Nexus Games came to talk to us about shaders. If you look at what wikipedia has to say about them, they sound intimidatingly complicated. But as Dylan showed us, they’re really not that scary. Not only are shaders not just for wizards, you can use them to effectively add more art to your game without an artist having to do more work or making the download size of your game bigger. If you need a grayscale version of, say, a player character that isn’t selected, plus the normal full colour version, plus a flashing red version for when the player gets attacked, you can do all of that with one piece of art and some shaders.

To see how, have a look at Dylan’s slides and his example project.

Thanks again to Dylan for demystifying shaders!